Makran Coastal Highway Attractions

The Makran Coastal Highway in Blochistan, also known as National Highway 10 (N-10), is a 653 km road connecting the western provinces of Sindh and Balochistan and running mostly along the Arabian Sea coast. The highway is decked with unique attractions becoming prominent to the world. Major Makran Coastal Highway Attractions are: Princess of Hope […]

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Balochistan Province of Pakistan

Balochistan is the largest of the four provinces of Pakistan spreading over an area of 347,190 Sq km., constituting 44 percent of the total area of Pakistan. As compared to that of other provinces, Balochistan has clustered population in smallest proportions. The province has a diverse landscape from the 760 km long southern coastal line […]

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Makran Coastal Highway

The Makran Coastal Highway, also called National Highway 10 (N-10) is a 653 km artery running mostly along the Arabian Sea coast connecting Karachi in Sindh province with Gwadar and Jiwani in Balochistan Province of Pakistan. In between, the picturesque highway passes through and gives access to a number of attractions including some off-the-beaten-path-wonders; natural […]

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